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    Saturday, January 05, 2008     5:38 AM

so my two new year's resolutions are fairly simple, read 100 books, see 100 movies. i'm not about to be too strict on if i've read or seen them before, though i don't often reread books. so far, doing pretty well on the movie front, not so good on the book front. i blame that on taking on more work though, which is not in and of itself a bad thing at all.

so for movies, i've seen:

Romance and Cigarettes (in the theater) - i loved this. i was a bit distracted by the print, which had intermittent black and white spots pop up every so often on the right side, but the movie itself was a joy. it was a bit john watersesque in the setting and characters, but very well done. it was funny when it needed to be, touching without being overly sentimental, and the characters, even when they broke into song, were believable. i wish there had been more of eddie izzard, but all in all i'd definitely recommend this one.

hot fuzz (the dvd) - this started a bit slow for me, and i was a bit distracted in the beginning, but towards the middle it really picked up. it wasn't what i expected, and definitely wasn't predictable. i enjoyed seeing jim broadbent and timothy dalton play some weird bad guys, and i liked the little twists thrown out that were totally unexpected. funny and bloody. very good.

i also rewatched Beetlejuice, which i'd forgotten how much i enjoyed. i need to rewatch more Tim Burton before i see Sweeney Todd, which i really need to see soon.

going to see Guillermo Del Toro's new one, The Orphanage at a special screening at The Charles on Sunday morning. Neil Gaiman saw it early and highly recommended it, so i'm very excited to have the opportunity. i cannot wait for Hellboy 2.


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