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    Tuesday, December 04, 2007     9:21 PM

i leave for vacation on thursday, and per usual, i'm trying to get everything that needs done (which is too much, of course) in a short amount of time, while juggling work right up to the last minute. it'll be good to get away, not have to type anything (except text messages) or really look at a computer for over a week. i'm a bit trepidatious because i haven't exactly been getting along with B2 lately for a variety of reasons, but i'm sure we'll manage to have fun regardless. it'll also make the week or so before a dear friend (who i might add, is the only person where it's been effortless pick up where we left off - which i am so thankful for. there will be no losing touch again) gets home go much quicker.

i've been feeling very compartmentalized recently. i love my friends but i feel sometimes like i only fit into their lives in certain ways, and not completely and fully. i guess to a certain extent that happens with everyone, where we are vampires by nature and take what we need from each person in our lives. it's a bit frustrating, though, when i give more and it seems unwanted or unneeded, or when i pull back and it makes the friendship strained.

i also have some resolutions i'm kicking around this year. i'll speak more on that after i do drink around the World...


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