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    Monday, January 17, 2005     10:37 AM

i hate it when a headache follows me from one day to the next, especially one that makes my whole head feel icky.

felt as if i'd traveled back in time to high school on friday night, though not my high school because we were a bit more mature than the behavior i witnessed. sufficed to say i am still amazed at the lack of maturity that most people possess, as well as the lack of perspective and consideration for what's important. ah, well. unfortunately, brian and i weren't really up for elektroschock, which i'm a bit sad about, but there's always next time. watched I, Robot and Spiderman II this weekend, which were both good in different ways. Golden Globes last night, disappointing for me because i wanted Johnny Depp (who looked so hot, along with Ewan Mcgregor - yummy) to win, and quite frankly i don't really like Leonardo Dicaprio. there's something about his voice and acting that bothers me.

tomorrow will mark the first day of working with Brian, for which i am thrilled and excited. i see this as a very good thing, and i'm happy it could happen. and yay for getting to see Sarah tomorrow, as well. a good time will be had.


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