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    Wednesday, December 22, 2004     8:55 AM

thoughts right now....

i hate comcast.

i may be on the more serious side, but if you're my friend and you've known me for years than you accept that it is a part of me. it doesn't mean i can't have fun, that i don't laugh a lot or joke around - it simply is part of my personality, just like joking a lot is part of yours. it's not a good or a bad thing in general (it can be both depending on the situation, of course), it just is. i'm not the type that doesn't want to better myself, or change if warranted, those are both good things, but i can't turn myself into a person i am not. if it means i'm thought of as shy, snobby, overly critical, never having any fun, well then so be it because for the people that think these things, they don't know me very well. you are not one of those people. we all have our quirks, or parts that make us uniquely us, and this is part of me. i accept it and embrace it for all the strength and weakness it gives me, just as i accept those things about you.

and with that, i absolve myself of all the blame i have been holding onto for situations where 2 people were involved. 2 people means 2 sides, and 2 places to put blame if it is so desired or given, and if that is the case than i gladly accept what is mine and can only hope the same is true for that other.

and then...

saw Finding Neverland the other night. excellent. sad. Johnny Depp deserves an award for this.


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