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    Friday, December 03, 2004     10:47 AM

i'd much rather be with someone who can channel the voice of Jim Morrison, than someone who simply looks like him.

this week has been... odd, i guess. it's been stressful at work, good stressful though, but i've just been really moody and i can't really figure out why, or what's going on. i don't like i though. don't like being cranky, frustrated at the drop of hat, tense, etc. it probably doesn't help that my neck, back of the head area has been hurting almost all week, and i can't figure out if it's a muscle issue or something else because it aches, and aches, and aches. at least my stupid phlegmy cough from yesterday seems to be gone, which is good because i'm thinking i'd like to sing karaoke again really soon.

oh, better late than never i should say that horrorshow was good fun wednesday and i'll miss it. i regret that life got in the way the past few months and i couldn't go. truthfully, i don't enjoy going out to clubs and such as much. i could try to pinpoint why, but really it's just that i've become more of a homebody, and a night watching movies and drinking wine with brian is just more appealing now. and less effort, i suppose.

anyway, big cleaning plans for the weekend, in which i will get the majority of the work done before 5 PM. at least that's my goal, and hopefully i can do it.

knights of the old republic II comes out next week, and despite my financial woes (not enough money, too many bills) i will find a way to get it. yay for good role playing games.


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