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    Wednesday, November 17, 2004     8:51 AM

i don't believe sleeping enough on the weekends will ever cover the amount of sleep that i miss during the week. this is disconcerting.

brian and i watched ju-on last night, and here are some initial thoughts:

i did like the creep factor, and thought the intended scary/weird parts were well done, for the most part. that said, i had issues with the non-linear progression of the movie. i love movies that play with time and aren't necessarily linear, as long as they are convincing and don't lose plot consistency where they gain in ingenuity. i'm not sure it's the time issue that hurts the plot or whether the plot was just not fleshed out, or purposely left more open, but it left me with a bit too many questions. maybe that was the point, since the story is a neverending cycle, but i still felt there were a few too many holes. even so, the creepy was good.

we also have Ringu (which i've seen before but love) and Audition to watch. yay for more japanese horror.

in other, random though good news, certain events and people of the past couple months that have been weighing heavily on me and causing much distraction are no longer around in such a capacity. though i couldn't express my joy about this adequately right now if you saw me (sleep deprivation), i'm very happy not to have such crud to deal with any more.


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