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    Thursday, November 04, 2004     8:06 AM

a day later and many words short i'm not sure there's much i can say that hasn't already been said by countless friends, and in much more eloquent ways. bitching and moaning will not change a thing, and so i'm determined to continue fighting for what i believe in and doing what i can in whatever little ways possible to ensure a better future.

and actually, i do have a little optimism, which i think is a good thing.

the novel, sadly, is a bit stalled as it's hard to write when you're not awake enough to will your eyes not to close. spent a lot of time sleeping at brian's last night, for which i am thankful because i'm not quite as zombiefied. hopefully tonight, tomorrow and this weekend i can get a lot done and i know if i don't attempt to, brian will kick my butt.

i did get some happy news last night, which will remain secreted away until i can talk about it. it certainly did brighten my outlook, i will say.

and as a random aside, i bought brian the new Perfect Circle CD, which is absolutely fabulous. i recommend everyone go buy this, even if you're not a fan even if it's just for Maynard's cover of Imagine. there really are so many great covers and two superb original songs and it's well worth it.


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