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    Monday, November 29, 2004     8:49 AM

back to work again after a nice 4 day break, where i caught up on sleep but now am somehow back in the hole after getting next to none last night. ah well.

Thanksgiving was good. Brian cooked everything, and i got to do nothing, which was quite lovely. and the food, the food was yummy. we had unturkey, seafood stuffing (unlike any stuffing imaginable, trust me, and sooo good), mashed potatoes and corn. and for dessert only the best chocolate peanut butter cheesecake ever (which brian also made because he rocks). oh, and lots of yummy wine.

friday and the rest of the weekend was mostly good, with lots of movie watching, yummy drinks, fun and quality time. i'm glad to be back at work, though i wish i had one more day off to straighten up the house instead of having to attempt it after work when i'm already tired.

lots of other things i could say but don't feel like or what not. blah, blah.


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