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    Wednesday, September 15, 2004     10:10 AM

i had my first hot espresso drink of the season this morning, due in part to the cool air as well as my hopes that by acknowledging the arrival of Fall, it will come break through the oppressive cloak of summer and get here a bit sooner.

i missed my first ever Cruxshadows show this past Monday, and will most likely miss the one tomorrow as well. although i was a bit sad at first, but priorities are what they are and i had much more fun spending time with my most favorite person, watching a good movie and learning cockney rhyming slang.

of course quality time means less quality sleep, as i'm averaging about 2 to 3 hours a night. strangely, this is not bothering me so much.

saw Ani Difanco last weekend, in what was perhaps the best show ever. the energy was amazing, and although she didn't do many older songs, the unreleased ones she performed were spectacular. plus, again, the company made the night for me.

so, i decided yesterday that i need to dust off my creativity, which apparently i placed very far back on some high shelf. i've been casually looking around for a writing class to take, and hopefully i'll find something fitting for the Spring and maybe even get to take it with my favorite person.

this weekend is Scottish weekend at Ren Faire, as well as (i think) Elektroschock, so it shall be fun and eventful.

and, as a public service announcement for anyone who likes poetry and lives in the Baltimore area, Adrienne Rich will be speaking at Roland Park Country School on September 28th at 7:30 pm.

Addendum: never tell me the odds, it pisses me off.


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