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    Monday, May 03, 2004     10:57 PM

i can see this is going to be a long and sleepless night. my stomach has been upset for hours now and even though it's feeling better i doubt i'll get much sleep because there's some asshole playing a goddamn radio out front of the tea shop beyond my back yard. if i weren't such a wussy i'd call the cops. i'm hoping either the batteries in the thing die soon or he has the good sense to shut it off at 11. if not i don't know what i'll do but i may just go postal.

and tell me, why the bloody hell is a credit card company canceling a credit card that i've paid on time every month? i'm not even arguing about it though. not worth my time as i have other credit cards. it's just annoying and stupid.

and yes, 10.5 does suck major donkey balls, oh my god does it. but it is loud and does drown out the annoying muzak. this video however is the opposite of suckage. be warned though, it's huge and will take a while to load even with a fast connection (at least with comcast it did).


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