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    Tuesday, March 16, 2004     7:26 PM

was randomly flipping channels around 7 and happened upon a half hour special on Tori's (as in Amos) "greatest hits" compilation. (i say "greatest hits" like so because it's not really that but it's best to hear Tori's take on it then for me to actually try to explain what she was going for) anyway, it's really interesting as it intersperses her talking about song choices and her concept idea with some of the videos for songs on the album. i like little surprises on TV like this. it almost makes up for the crap. almost.

work is busy busy busy. nonstop. good for me i guess since i get to take it home and get overtime but bad in the sense that we're under a time crunch for a lot of these projects.

some guy sent in a screenplay in exactly the right format that he wants us to retype. now tell me, what is the point of that especially since the guy doesn't want to pay all that much for the work. weird.

well, enough procrastination. back to work. i should say happy st. patrick's day to all those who care though, since i was too late in saying beware the ides of march yesterday.

cause things are going to change so fast. all the white horses are still in bed. i tell you that i'll always want you near...


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