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    Thursday, March 18, 2004     11:53 AM

observations from yesterday (mostly):

i realize i am not good at letting issues go that easily, specifically when i do not feel that i or my point of view is being listened to. i'm stubborn and it can be problematic. that said i'm a big proponent in discussions of getting all points of view and become very frustrated (i think legitimately so) when i feel someone doesn't want to listen, for whatever reason. by not listening you're not allowing yourself to even attempt understanding of that other view. it's a good way for communication to break down and for me, personally, the frustration leads into pent up issues/emotions. not healthy.

and on a totally different subject:
Not being a fan of much in mainstream culture (such as music, tv, trends, etc) when i'm in an environment where it surrounds me i find myself taking on the role of an anthropologist. i do a good bit of observing, trying to to figure out the reasons behind people's behavior, why they like what they like, why they act certain ways. it's actually fascinating, at least to me. i'm happy doing that and staying off the path of the mainstream. (n.b. never ask for or expect to hear a Pogues song in any non-Irish bar on St. Patrick's Day - for most people the day really is just an excuse to drink. lucky for me i'm 4th/5th generation Irish on my mother's side)

ok, enough observation for one day.

looks like i'll be working overtime in the office this saturday and possibly sunday (though not at night thankfully) which probably means i can't do anything friday that involves staying out too late. unfortunate but i do need the money and it looks like i'll definitely be putting in 50 hours this week alone. i'm actually beginning to like this work and i like the people a lot. i'm not thrilled about moving to Laurel April 1st but hopefully it won't be too bad overall. it'll definitely be a better office. i've always said i'm full of useless information that's only good for trivia games and obscure questions - well this job is only adding to that vast abyss.


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