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    Tuesday, March 09, 2004     5:53 PM

i know, i know, getting a job is no excuse to drop off the digital planet. no, all my brain power has not gone to working (although all my willpower not to strip naked has since it's so freaking hot/stuffy/devoid of air flow in there) but it does make a good excuse.

really though i have my reasons for the unintentional break in writing, some to do with crappy goings on in life, some to do with being anti-social for awhile and also partially not wanting to talk about my life or anything else in an intelligent manner.

i think the break did me some good. i hope. i'm still feeling somewhat anti-social. i'm also feeling a great need to do more than just go to clubs for fun, prompted, i think, by going to see Into the Woods recently. i believe i'll go see a movie at The Charles this week, and then Imbue and 51 Peg are playing at the Vault on Saturday (with Carfax Abbey who i dislike so they're skippable).

been doing a bunch of housework that needs to be done since the outside of my house is being fixed courtesy of my mother. (why she decided all of a sudden is of course beyond me)

i should really update my photos but really after sitting in front of a computer for 7.5 hours typing i'm not much in the mood to use it at night. i'll get around to it soon, i suppose.

oh, and here's a funny tidbit. a guy came in today wanting us to do a desktop publishing job, a 48 page alumnae book for some place. it would've been really interesting for me to do (as i'm the only person who knows how to do such things at the office) but a. we don't have quark and would've had to buy it and b. the guy wanted it by next week but wouldn't pay more than 500 dollars. ridiculous what some people think they can get.

and on that note i must go veg and watch movies.


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