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    Saturday, February 14, 2004     2:29 AM

what a week. well, what a week since wednesday anyway.

bush as gollum? made me laugh.

for a minute at least.

it's kind of a weird surrealistic moment when you first realize (or rather when i first realize) you are not the close friend to someone that you thought you were. you think there's communication, that they tell you what's going on, that they confide in you and then suddenly you realize there's parts of them you know nothing about. and maybe it isn't that they call you to talk, but that they usually need something. then there's the excuses they make for not being somewhere to spend time with you, yet you've found out they make time to see others. what does it all add up to? not sure there's really an answer to that, except a bunch of hurt and distrust.

yeah, happy times.

got a job offer for arlington, va and of course i can't do that which sucks.

been busy working on a project which i hope will be of interest to more than me. won't be done for a bit yet though.

going to see imbue, 51 peg and skitzo calypso tomorrow at fletchers. haven't been to a show in awhile so hopefully that will be fun.



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