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    Monday, February 23, 2004     8:28 PM

it's a weird, surreal moment when thinking of the people in your life that you unconsciously equate them with Sex and the City characters. wish i had less time on my hands to actually think.

very very happy Johnny Depp won a SAG award for Pirates even if he wasn't there in person. maybe that's a sign that his chances are better than expected at the Oscars. and Billy Boyd in a kilt, precious.

so, from entertainment to politics (since they are bedfellows) i've been thinking quite a bit about Nader's decision to run. my initial reaction was surprise, and that while i am glad he's running i probably won't vote for him because for me this election is about the best way possible of getting Bush out. then i thought about it some more, did some reading and confirmed that of all the democratic and green candidates alongside Nader, he's the one the majority of my beliefs align with. therein lies the problem. my solution to this, since Nader is based in D.C. and i still don't have a job: (interviews a-plenty, jobs a-none) i sent my resume off to the campaign for possibly a paying job, although i'd be happy doing volunteer work. i'm still undecided about voting for him, and really the decision is based on many factors, not the least of which is that he has to actually get enough signatures to be put on the ballot. still, he's done so much good over the years and i think it's good that he's decided to get in there and shake this election up. wouldn't be a democracy without some shaking going on.


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