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    Friday, February 06, 2004     7:54 PM

(edited from yesterday)

from what i hear about the end of last night i'm glad i wasn't there. not glad i got sick, but glad i wasn't around. i love that as people we are so different from each other and will always applaud that. there are some things though i will never be comfortable with that happen in a club environment. the atmosphere, the music is great, my friends are wonderful but some of the "freedom" inherent in the party is not for me. makes me feel a bit like an outsider sometimes but then again i'd feel even worse if i compromised my beliefs to be more a part of everything.

i hope i don't sound as if i'm passing judgment or condemning other people's choices. not at all. i am merely vocalizing an observation about myself. see there have been times in the past when i have compromised my value system, beliefs and comfort level to fit in, in certain situations. i'd like to think i won't again because in the long run it just feels icky.

just so we're clear.

always good to end with a little laughter. like, it's a speed bump and stuff poke around the site, you'll laugh, i promise.


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