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    Thursday, January 22, 2004     4:26 PM

updated the gallery. added photos from last sunday's kommencement, last friday at the depot & tapas teatro and some others in the baltimore, happenstance and macro galleries. i'm slow with the photos, i know.

i was talking to a friend earlier and he mentioned how wonderful and refreshing it was to be completely honest, which got me thinking about the value of complete honesty and the lines that can be crossed.

i'm in complete agreement that it's wonderful when people can be totally honest with one another, and i strive for that in all my close relationships. if you can't be honest and forthright, then what is the point? it always bothers me immensely when i find out someone held back or kept quiet for fear of sparing me or hurting my feelings. i'm always more hurt when i find that someone hasn't told me how they feel because full disclosure lets both people talk about the issue and i think relationships are stronger for it.

that said, there is a difference between honesty and disrespect. sometimes it can be a thin line, but it is one nevertheless. disrespect stems from hurtful, rude comments and usually it happens because the other person is frustrated by what you've said or done. frustration is of course normal, expressing it in a non-constructive way, while it might make you feel better in the short-term does nothing to foster good communication or get across why you're really frustrated. it also makes the other person mad/hurt/whatever and then they're possibly not thinking straight which starts a vicious circle. i think pure honesty is always constructive because if you value the other person's friendship then you value their opinions/feelings/whatever. and when it comes down to it, i think most people strive to evolve, though of course that's a subjective term with different meanings for everyone.


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