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    Tuesday, January 13, 2004     2:14 AM

last night and much subsequent thinking today have led me to the conclusion that -

a. i wish there were times when i could tuck my emotions neatly away under the bed until i needed them again.

b. my freewill astrology horoscope last week had a very portentous line that i will not soon be forgetting: "Do not, for example...proclaim your mad love for an unavailable genius in a full-page newspaper ad."

no need to say more on that subject as anyone who is a close friend will have a clue.

i think i'm going to abstain from posting much emotional, or rather personally emotional torrents for awhile until it becomes useful again. i've been feeling lately like anything interesting i could say has already been said in a much more articulate, eloquent way. (i.e. byronic eye's january 8th rant about hugs.)

in any case, i've been making great use of the digital camera and you can see my triumphs (or defeats) over in the gallery.
i have a feeling i'll be taking more pictures than writing for awhile, because it is more detached yet still a good creative outlet. and if people are looking at my photos, i'd love comments. please tell me what you like, don't like, what i could do to improve because i want to get better at this.


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