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    Thursday, January 15, 2004     8:21 PM

feeling better about life today (at least so far). not so angsty but not altogether happy. i would be slightly remiss if i didn't be gushy for a second and thank Brian for being an extra special wonderful person and friend. going through bad stuff is never easy but having someone there that cares so much makes it easier.

another job interview to look forward to, and this one is actually for something that's not administrative. it's for an imaging technician but since i applied for it in november i can't access the ad or the job description anymore. annoying.

posted some pictures to the Happenstance album and hopefully the pictures from last night will be up later. i suppose it wouldn't take so long to get them up if i weren't so particular about making sure the colors are true to life.

there was one picture i took, a close-up of a coffee cup design and it didn't turn out very well. i played with it in photoshop and since i used a filter i didn't feel it would be right to put it in the gallery. i want to show it off though, so here it is: (clicking opens a pop up or its actual size)


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