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    Thursday, January 29, 2004     5:27 PM

blah blah blah. in between starting an update on the gallery/photoblog and having a scary phone conference interview i've been very bored today. hell, i've been really bored all week. snow and being stuck in the house will do that and combined with a fucked up sleep schedule i'm just all kinds of out of sorts. i'm looking forward to friday but i think i may need to go out tonight and just do something, anything so i don't go crazy.

as this is awards season, particularly for the movies i figured i'd share some random thoughts and observations. i'm sure this will bore many people so feel free to skip.

i was generally pleased with the golden globe winners, though i still seriously dislike renee zellweger and would've been happier had patricia clarkson won. bill murray deserved to win but so did johnny depp and i will be rooting for him at the oscars. as far as tv, i can't believe people like the office that much. i have bbc america and i cannot stand the show even though i love british humor.

as far as the oscars, i was so happy that keisha castle-hughes, from whalerider, was nominated but what about the movie? i also wish sean astin had been nominated.

ok, enough awards talk. i guess i should stave off this boredom by doing useful tasks such as laundry and vacuuming.


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