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    Wednesday, December 03, 2003     1:55 PM

i had a good weekend but was not inclined to write about it. i will say that Ascension is this Thursday and i hope everyone comes out. good times.

as much as i love winter and the chill that comes with it, my body most assuredly does not. especially my legs. now, i have always had bad circulation but for some reason i do not remember having to worry quite as much when i was younger. maybe i did notice, or more likely, my parents kept it warmer in the house than i do. i admit i do not like heat and i'm always the first person in the room to complain of being warm. this could be a good thing as it saves scads on the gas bill, but that is admittedly less important than my health. therefore i have come to the conclusion that i must at least occasionally turn the heat on. wouldn't want the pipe to freeze either, i have enough problems with this house as it is.

on another note related to winter, i like some others will not be doing much gift giving this year, simply because i cannot afford it. i hope i'll get a job by January but i've been hoping for awhile with no results. it's disheartening but i keep trying because that's all i can do. (the company i previously worked for has a disconnected phone so my work there cannot be verified - i think this is a mostly good happening. i hope the place went bankrupt.)

i am full of words today, it seems, and a bit of bile, though i'm not entirely sure why. and since i do not want to inflict my bile on the masses (at least for now) i will save the words for another time.


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