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    Thursday, December 11, 2003     6:08 PM

having two interviews in one day is probably one of the easiest ways to turn a brain to mush, especially after an insomniac driven night.

i'd like to write an interesting and informative review of The Birthday Girl which i saw last night when i couldn't sleep, but i'll save that for a time when my brain is working closer to 100% functionality. (i will say though that i liked it, and i thought Nicole Kidman made a convincing Russian. nothing like putting my two favorite cultures together - Russian and British. oh and the sex scenes were convincing)

so since i can't think of anything but random bits, i present y'all (whoever actually reads this) with a list of things you may or may not have known about me: (some of these being more personal than others, just because i feel like sharing)

  • my first ever concert was Bryan Adams. i really liked him for awhile. guess that was my cliche phase.

  • at one time i had a crush on Pauly Shore, Evan Dando and Trent Reznor at the same time. don't ask.

  • if i studied my vocabulary i'd be a really decent Russian speaker. i'm also decent at spanish, ok at french, and can read a good bit of latin. i like languages.

  • i was once anorexic.

  • my hair is going grey at an alarming rate thanks to heredity on my father's side

  • favorite animal is the koala

  • the technical terms for my "disabilities" are: spina bifida and hydrocephalus

  • i don't look good in a business suit. too short, makes my chest look like a box.

  • i had an 8th grade reading level in 1st grade.

  • i'm horrible at anything except basic math.

  • i've never lived anywhere except Catonsville.

  • my hands and my lips are my favorite body parts. i intensely dislike my feet and my hair.

  • my parents were told i'd never walk. ha!

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