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    Wednesday, December 03, 2003     9:57 PM

going to Horrorshow tonight and feeling particularly blase about clothing. no matter what i wear the car will overheat me so i suppose it doesn't really matter.

spent the better part of the evening organizing artifacts from years past (middle/high school). hopefully now that it's done and put away those doors are closed. most of them, at least. didn't realize how much i'd remember reading old letters and cards, and how nostalgic i'd feel. i miss some of what was, bust mostly i'm glad for what is now and hopeful for what will be.

it did prompt me to think about letter writing though. my friends and i used to write letters all the time. even in the same state we'd mail them, just for the thrill of it. i miss that. miss the tangibility of holding pieces of paper in my hand, that someone crafted those words for me. sure email is great and it's fast but it is so impersonal, so clinical. now it seems the only letters written are never meant to be sent.

well, who know i'd be this articulate on so little sleep? certainly not me.

and thanks to m for finally giving me an activity to look forward to.


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