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    Monday, November 24, 2003     5:44 PM

my weekend was chock full of good fun, making up for the past couple of boring ickyness (although the i still have the neverending cough but did go to the doctor's today so hopefully it'll be gone kinda soon).

so, friday - nevermore which was superific. great music, great people, good times. this friday will be even better. if i know you and you weren't there last week, you must come this week. (and extra special thanks to stacia for the copy of illustrator. it's so spiffy)

saturday - christmas open house at savage mill with brian which was good fun. later, even more fun (need another word besides fun) with some great people at a really super venue. (and yes, thanks again to stacia for that. stacia gets the awesome award for the weekend)

sunday - kommencement which was good, aside from the lack of people and having no bloody mary mix. chewka's guest djing next sunday. yay.

wednesday is horrorshow which i am very much looking forward to.

and i will stop there though i have a little essay brewing in my head about me in the past vs. me now but that will wait until another time. there is laundry that needs doing before it rains again and my basement becomes a flood zone.


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