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    Tuesday, November 25, 2003     5:49 PM

i've been mulling over exactly what i was feeling and how i wanted to express myself since reading about the infamous post on the taboo forum.

it angers me that someone, who as far as i know, has not been to Nevermore once, makes a statement defaming the comfort level there. it's ludicrous, inflammatory and juvenile. absolutely no justification for it, and to make a comment like that for only self serving purposes is just wrong.

i can't imagine ever wanting to go there again on a Saturday knowing what i'd be supporting.

enough negativity though. aside from this drama, i'm looking forward to having a good week and other than still not having a job (somebody please hire me! i'm smart damnit!) i have nothing to complain about.

(and for anyone who reads this on my actual website, not my livejournal, notice the links i added on the side to all the events i like and support)


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