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    Wednesday, October 08, 2003     11:24 PM

i'm glad you're on my side still

10pm i was flipping channels and happened to catch the beginning of an hour live performance of Tori on Comcast's Music Choice. i have this habit of listening to a musician nonstop for awhile and then not listening for a long time. i do that with Tori quite frequently and it's moments like this, surprises, that cause me to fall in love with her music all over again.

the past 24 hours have been, i guess, productive. i have a job interview tomorrow, and have another potential interview assuming my initial phone interview went well (i think it did). started straightening my house today, did 3 loads of laundry, threw a crapload of stuff away and actually feel slightly accomplished.

random bits garnered from watching mostly crappy tv today:

  • am i the only person that didn't know Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter got together, let alone had a baby? although i'm thrilled that Ewan McGregor is in Burton's next film.

  • i find Spike (from Buffy/Angel) incredibly sexy, but James Marsters is a bit less so. the entire cast from Angel was on E! earlier, and it was actually quite interesting. Spike's going to be naked, yay!

  • i'm not a big sports fan but i am so happy Boston won

  • the first season of Three's Company's coming out on DVD. only my first favorite show, a show that made me smile through some really crappy times. i am so happy.

  • the wife of our esteemed governor (ha!) said in a conference to prevent domestic violence, that, "Really, if I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would..." i mean, really, did the woman turn on her brain before she spoke? her lack of judgment sets a wonderful example for the youth of this state and country.

  • oh, and i forgot to mention this ages ago - The Cruxshadows and Voltaire are playing together October 30th at Alchemy. sucks that it's on Ascension's samhain night but i'm really excited these two are playing together.


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