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    Thursday, September 18, 2003     1:26 PM

it's surprisingly easy for people to let you down, disappoint you, even without knowing it. actions not thought out, the offhand comment without thinking, and what do you do? how do you react? if you're a forgiving person you let it pass, you realize everyone makes mistakes. you make mistakes and you know you'd want to be forgiven. but what happens when the situation keeps happening, becomes a pattern? there's only so many times you can forgive, but you don't forget. everyone has a breaking point, a place where they become so frustrated that they simply cannot forgive one more time. so you react, harshly possibly, in a way that you hope might help the other person realize the pattern and break it. what then, though? however justified a reaction to an unhappy situation, in all reality you are letting that person down as well. you weren't there for them that time, you weren't supportive. it's a vicious cycle, one not easily broken.

can both people forgive and not forget? can they move past it, relationship stronger, more resilient? sometimes. sometimes not.


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