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    Wednesday, August 06, 2003     5:31 PM

what is it about second chances that make them that much sweeter than first chances? maybe it's the hindsight one has of all those blunders that at the time seemed completely innocuous, mistakes made without thinking. i think it's a fallacy to believe any choices, be they mistakes or no, are made without any thinking behind them. of course with mistakes, the thinking behind them is either inherently flawed or twisted but in the moment i think few people realize this to actually change the course of events at the time.

that is what's so great about second chances, the awareness of what happened before and the ability to go into the situation with clear thinking that's influenced by the best of intentions and emotions. trouble is, i think few people ever get that opportunity and i hope when they do the realize how lucky they are.

that said i think there are times when second chances are not appropriate. it is very possible for people to do something or some things that demonstrate a pattern of disrespect and carelessness of other people, that allowing them more chances just gives them more opportunities to become even more disrespectful. i guess the answer to this is simple, though not easy. i've come to realize though that in these situations not doing anything is disrespectful and uncaring to oneself which makes it that much harder to be caring and respectful to others.


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