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    Saturday, July 26, 2003     7:14 PM

started cleaning my room - would go a lot smoother if my tummy didn't feel so icky and i had bigger trash bags.

let's talk some more about the U.K., shall we? if you don't know that Edinburgh is my favorite city in the entire world than you're daft. Edinburgh is also one of the most haunted cities around and they have countless "ghost walks" you can take to learn about the rich history of the city and see some really interesting places.

one tour i didn't get to take though because it didn't exist last time i was there is the City of the Dead Tour. the big draw of the tour is that it ends in Covenanters Prison, a locked section of Greyfriars graveyard where there are numerous reports of poltergeist activity, the Mackenzie poltergeist. (In case anyone was wondering Covenanters were named for signing a covenant against Charles I who tried to force the Episcopalian faith to the Scots - they believed it was much too close to Catholocism and didn't give enough credit to god.) Apparently there really is something to this poltergeist as many people who have taken the tour have been effected. You can read a lot of their stories on the website, and the Travel Channel also featured the tour on a program and interviewed some people about their first hand experiences. i hope the tour's still going when i go back because it's definitely something i'd like to experience.


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