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    Saturday, July 26, 2003     12:31 PM

ok, so i really needed sleep and even though i hit the snooze button like 50 zillion times this morning i still went back to sleep until now. so i'm cheating, i'm just going to start now and go 24 hours from this point. or at least i'll try. right now i need coffee and a shower (not in that order) but first, i had a very bizarre dream:

i was driving with my mom down my street back to my house and we saw what looked like a brown bear near my house, then it was on my porch and trying to get in my front door. of course it couldn't break the strong door down, right? wrong. so it broke into my house and my mom and i called 911 only to be told we'd have to call animal control, except they wouldn't give us the number for it. a police car drives by and we get him to go back to the house with us. not much damage has been done and the police officer finds a bear costume suit head which means of course it wasn't a real bear. then suddenly all these modemer people from back in the day are at my house and i'm trying to ask them what the party's for but they won't tell me then a big black guy i've never seen comes in and has little pieces of brown fur stuck to him.

weird, huh?


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