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    Friday, July 25, 2003     11:38 AM

except for wednesday night this week has sucked more and more with each passing moment. i'd wanted to do something fun last night but because of work, being tired and not feeling well, i didn't. despite my best efforts though, i didn't get to bed early because of terrible stomach cramps that would not allow me to get comfortable. the only reason i finally fell asleep was from sheer exhaustion and even then i woke up almost every hour in horrible discomfort. i felt marginally better this morning (though i woke up late because my alarm didn't go off) but that feeling didn't last more than a half hour.

i have horrible cramps on my right side, i'm bloated, and even though i think i know what's causing them (too much information alert: my period is really out of whack and i just got it today, 2 weeks late) it doesn't help because i don't know what to do to get rid of them. advil doesn't work, tylenol doesn't work and i'm out of ideas. i really wish i could just go home and sleep for a couple hours straight, hoping that would help. unfortunately i'm stuck at work not really doing anything because the meeting that was supposed to happen, hasn't. if anyone has any suggestions on what to do for the pain, let me know. i'll try anything.

i'm not normally so complainy and whiny about my problems but everyone has to bitch once in a blue moon.

oh, i'm up to 3 sponsors for the blogathon and i'd really love more, but you all are running out of time so hurry up and sponsor me if you'd like to. i actually have some neat ideas about the updates i'll be doing for blogathon even though right now the prospect of waking up tomorrow at 9am and staying awake for 24 hours is daunting. i kinda wish i had a parter in crime to help with the updates. hmm.


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