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    Friday, July 18, 2003     10:43 AM

cut to the jugular. that phrase, used by Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down The Bones (my favorite book on the writing process) kept coming back to me this morning. it's much easier to keep a wall up, to keep an emotional distance than it is to actually let one's guard down and be open and vulnerable. people do it a variety of ways, i've noticed, though i think the current trend for those i know is to shroud oneself in pseudo-intelligence. start talking about something very personal and instead of reacting on a personal level to it, i guess people find it easier, less emotionally consuming, to relate the issue with a scrap of knowledge they read, heard, learned, etc. not only does the subject at hand become completely warped from its original intentions but where is the level of personal connection? how are these people really relating to each other if something deeply personal becomes so very generic and impersonal? when it comes down to it i'd much rather cut to the jugular with people i care about and i appreciate it much more when someone respects and cares about me enough to do the same, even if it is painful.

painful, tough conversations are almost always the most rewarding. it's refreshing when friends care enough to call you out on your own lunacy.


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