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    Tuesday, July 22, 2003     10:20 AM

brian bit the bullet and became my first blogathon sponsor. if everyone did the same as he and pledged a dollar an hour, i'd be a happy girl. come on people, it's tax deductible.

wanted to go to bed early last night but it didn't happen. couldn't sleep even when i tried because my brain wouldn't shut off. ended up watching tv to stave off depression. caught part of a really fascinating documentary about the role of African American dancers in the history of modern dance. wish i could've seen the show in its entirety because what i did see was fascinating. There were two particularly moving dances, Pearl Primus doing a piece about lynching (to the poem "Strange Fruit") and Talley Beatty doing a piece called Mourner's Bench set to There is a Balm in Gilead (which Tori has covered beautifully).

i also learned about this fascinating fighting dance from Martinique, called ag'ya which blended martial arts and dance. it was riveting to watch and i wish i could link to some websites about it, but alas i found none worth mentioning.

Watching it reminded me how much i love watching dance, especially modern dance (thought jazz, ballet, and tap are great as well). i should really make a point of getting Thursday's Sun paper and The City Paper so i can find performances around the area.

ok, back to work and growing ennui.


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