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    Monday, July 21, 2003     12:59 PM

blah. i'm so out of sorts right now. no real coherent thoughts either. have a really bad mosquito bite on my right arm that is bothering me immensely.

don't want to be at work, but then again, never really do.

might be going to chicago in august if i can get off work. that would be fun as i love chicago and haven't been there since i was 11. it'd be nice to go back for reasons of pleasure instead of neccessity.

i know what i right isn't all that interesting to you people out there, but come on, not even one person has sponsored me in the blogathon yet. it isn't until saturday so it gives all you wonderful people out there a week to contribute just a paltry few dollars. it's for a good cause people, and i will beg if necessary.

in other news, Donnie Darko is playing at The Charles this week only at 9:30. i plan to see it as much as possible (as in every night if i can). if anyone wants to see it with me that i haven't already spoken to, call or email me and we'll make plans. if you've never seen this movie before then you need to see it. really, you do.

there's a heat wave in Europe and the Alps are melting. doesn't that just suck?


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