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    Thursday, July 17, 2003     10:23 AM

below is my real post, but i must share my ordeal. this being the first time i'd posted in awhile and since blogger changed things, my entire template was for some reason screwed up. somehow, i don't know how, i fixed it, but i swear it's the same code it was before. weird and annoying. it did remind me of something though. i'm participating in Blogathon 2003 so if you have some tax deductible money to spare for RAINN:

sponsor me!

yes, it's been too long. yes i should've written something long ago and i have no good excuse. i could say i've been busy and i have but really, everytime i'd think about writing the worry that i'd have nothing interesting to say (or nothing interesting enough for other people to be interested) kept me from it. it's been so long blogger has overhauled their site and is now much prettier. hope it works as well. now i'm finally writing because i'm fed up with my procrastination and annoyed at my lethargy.

over the past months i've probably thought of countless interesting things to say over the past months but at the moment i'm am a desert of thoughts.

went to horrorshow last night and had a good time aside from worrying about a really good friend of mine. beestings are delicious but waking up after that much mead is not so fun. and i have to say that late night conversations are the best kind. (i also had 2 potentially good pictures taken of me last night and if they surface on the website i'll link to them)

oh, and in case anyone really doesn't have a clue, yes i have a job now. it pays the bills and then some but it's ultimately not making me happy and not something i want to do in the longterm.

have seen a lot of movies lately: 28 Days Later and Pirates of the Caribbean. liked them both though Pirates met my expectations more than 28 Days did. without giving a full review which i just don't feel like, 28 Days is marketed as a zombie/horror flick but does not play out to be that so much as a post apocalyptic morality tale - which is fine but not what i expected to see. Pirates on the other hand was romping good fun and Johnny Depp is the best. i know some disagree but he is just too hot for words in this movie. savvy? i found out they're already developing a sequel. more johnny. yum.

alright, i suppose i could go on, write something potentially profound and such, but i'm just not in the mood. the four shots of espresso i'm drinking have not yet kicked in and as such i'm still somewhat hazy. i will say though that i'm happy, and i am for all intents and purposes, glad that i have a very profound and creative someone back in my life.

p.s. brian bought me an xbox. yay. i need more games.


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