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    Friday, May 02, 2003     2:08 PM

i wanted to write something last night when i was emotional and not very happy but i couldn't because blogger's domain was down. now in the warm light of day (too too warm, where's the rain?) i'm not feeling unhappy emotionally, just, weird, i guess. i'm surprised at myself for actually thinking for a microsecond that i wanted to go to the depot tonight. i like 80's music, and i like a good number of the people but it's always crowded and without a certain person i'd probably not have any fun. the fact that i'm still sick doesn't help because it's always fooking hot and humid in there. honestly, i can think of other things i'd rather do. i have three gift cards from Best Buy i haven't used yet so i think i'm going to see about going there and buying some DVD's to add to my tiny collection.

so yeah, nothing much else to say except i'm tired of this damn cough and nagging sore throat. and thanks to jen for a really awesome birthday gift, i love it.


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