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    Thursday, May 08, 2003     12:00 AM

hi. umm, yeah. been a not so good week again healthwise. (and forgot to say ascension last week was fun) so weekend was eh filled. saturday watched Spiderman with Brian and then attempted to go have drinks and fun which was thwarted by evil foot in mouth demons. thankfully that didn't last long. sunday was depot which was mostly fun with some not in between. nothing really to say about that here, not at this point, other than in an ideal world all my friends and i would be happy.

so this week, when i thought i was getting better with mostly just a cough, i am now back to sore throat/earache, cough, slight nose congestion. doctor tomorrow which i hope will bring shed some light to what ails me. because of said sickness, and brian having sickness as well i haven't done much this week. monday was tummy ache day apparently and drugs for that made me sleep so yesterday when i was finally awake, i was really awake. got in a fight with my mom (which is almost an every day thing), watched buffy. then brian came over and brought me food and lots of love which was super great.

today was filled with more job applications, arguing with the mother, getting the sore throat back and watching the Angel season finale. oh, and i finally have a large tv downstairs. yay yay.

i feel immensely boring right now. really.


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