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    Wednesday, April 23, 2003     2:23 AM

been sick lately, fever and everything so i'm just going to post a little about The Sims Goth Neighborhood i created. (except for a quick note to say i had a really good time sunday night and early sunday morning, and that i finally have a place to sit at the computer again thanks to the wonderful Brian)

These pictures are from the Gothness House which includes Jen, Kele-De, Marcus, Johnny and Rosa.

marcus really likes riding the mechanical bull, Kele-De and Rosa are playing pool and i think Johnny is playing slots (before i got rid of them):

Jen started a fire while cooking and Kele-De and Rosa are running to the problem(don't worry, they have a fire alarm):

everyone is freaking out about the fire except for me in the background. i was visiting the Gothness family (i live with Brian) and i guess i was really hungry:


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