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    Thursday, January 23, 2003     3:41 PM

the lovely ani difranco is performing at the lyric (according to rbr march 25th, oh so close to my birthday. i'm hoping to get good tickets when they go on sale.

in other news, i believe my sleep schedule may be irreparably damaged but i hope not. i got no sleep last night and came into work early today so hopefully i'll get to sleep by 2am tonight and wake up by 10am tomorrow. theoretically.

i was cleaning out my inbox last night and reread some of the emails a and m sent me during the whole fiasco and it made me angry all over again. the horrible things they both said. ugh. i'm glad i deleted almost all of those emails. only saved ones from m that are necessary for getting back what is mine.

and as much i love cold weather, it is a bit much right now. i'd like to go out for walks but it's just not safe with my circulation. it needs to be in the 40s again.

ok, this little entry is very disjointed because i am so not with it. coffee gods are calling me.


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