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    Wednesday, November 06, 2002     2:02 AM

it's been one of those extended weekends where i was so busy living life and dealing with things that writing about all of that was secondary. now it feels pointless to recount in detail all that's happened since thursday so i'll be brief.

thursday was samhain at ascension and it was great. didn't win the costume contest but got a nice round of applause and a cd for it. also got a mission uk poster. had some money taken which sucked but jason was kind enough to loan me some for which i am so very grateful.

friday night was nevermore where i wore the same costume and again did not win. brian won the male category dressed as bribo (sorta like boba) fett. he was nice enough to give me the prize as he thought i should have won the female category. unfortunately when we left there we discovered his car window was smashed and his bag taken. senseless stuff like that makes you hate people sometimes.

saturday i went to orpheus for the third night in a row for taboo which was actually not bad at all. it wasn't crowded and while i didn't love the music, most of it was tolerable and i got the chance to talk to kele-de, stacia and rosa for a good while. algernon took my picture, it might actually be good, who knows. sunday went to dinner and then the depot with brian which was fun too even though there weren't a ton of people there.

other crappy stuff happened in between all of this but that's not for public knowledge. some things have to be kept private.

today i voted. i voted libertarian for governor and while some people say it's like throwing a vote away, i don't see it that way. i didn't particularly like either of the other candidates so it didn't matter to me which one won. i wasn't originally going to vote libertarian but after doing some more reading about the guy, i decided he most represented what i want in a governor. ehrlich won which i'm not thrilled about, but we'll see.

thursday i'm going to spend some time with mrs. krich at rpcs and pass my resume around there. then that night there's acension which i'm hoping will have another good turnout as alchemy is on friday this week.


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