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    Tuesday, October 29, 2002     6:59 PM

quick little update about last night. the ottobar's a nice venue and the sound is really good but tim didn't get to play nearly as long as the other bands. he was the best one there and yet was allowed only half the time the other bands got, very frustrating. nevertheless it was a great set and hopefully i'll be able to make it to 1614 for the anarchist activity night.

felt a bit bad because tim was supposed to perform at 9pm and didn't really start until close to 11 so jason couldn't leave that early. also felt bad because marcus spend 2.5 hours trying to find the place. should've given him more specific directions but at the time i just couldn't. oh well.

listening to the drowning season cd and it's excellent. very gothy, and the sound is quality. assuming this is the same drowning season marty mentioned moons ago, i can see why he liked them from way back. i think it's great chewka is in the band now, it'll be neat to see them play tomorrow. wish brian could go though because it's definitely music he'd like, but he has rehearsal which is much more important.

craving more web design work to keep my skills fresh, so i'm thinking of a good redesign for the ascension splash page. i'd like to do something with flash using kele-de's cat/moon picture and if it works out i think it'll look quite good. i miss working on the caryatid films site. i could have done so much more with it, given the opportunity. i'd still like to... i don't know. hope progress on the movie is going smoothly and well.

ah well. time to go see if i can buy the new limited edition
tori for a cheap price.


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