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    Wednesday, October 30, 2002     4:09 PM

had a really good time last night carving the pumpkin with brian and watching haunted shows on the travel channel. i think the face turned out really well, considering i drew it. it's based on The Crow makeup and i think for a pumpkin it does the job well. hopefully people at Ascension will like it.

a late night though and i didn't really get more than 2.5 hours of sleep because i got up to watch tori on regis and kelly this morning. she was on letterman last night as well and i thought both performances were excellent. read some comments online where people thought her voice sounded strained, but i don't agree. rather, i think she was trying new things with the song (A Sorta Fairytale) and for me, it worked. i wish she were doing more shows like the view but i wouldn't want her to be away from her daughter for halloween.

tonight i am somehow dragging myself to the drowning season show even though i am exhausted. i think i'll probably only stay for them because i need to get lots of sleep so i'm good for tomorrow. it'll be interesting trying to dance in my costume but i think i'll manage. on a tangent, i think it's interesting how the depot is putting on all these live concerts now. they're even supposed to be having a group called Nocturne, former members of Marilyn Manson. i think it's great for the place but i wonder how many of these bands really enjoy playing there. the place is really small and not really conducive to watching bands perform, especially bigger names.

should probably caffeinate myself in an attempt to marginally wake up.


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