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    Friday, September 06, 2002     2:22 AM

so tonight was Ascension, and i had a good time. the turnout wasn't very big partly because of Cruxshadows and partly because of it being a Thursday, a fact that i'm sure kele-de wasn't happy about.

still i had fun, even though they did close early. johnny was kind enough to drive me home which i'm very appreciative of - and i got to hang out and talk to a really cool guy for the majority of the night. he's a sculptor, very talented and a generally awesome and interesting person, very glad i got to know him.

i have a couple potential job offers from decent places and a possible contract job with rosa's bf's company which would thrill me beyond belief. i'm feeling a lot happier and more excited about things.

one thing i've been thinking about tonight is the whole concept of online personals and the issue of putting a picture with it or not. i really do stick by my opinion that a picture is not important. i don't have a picture of me there because i want someone to become interested in my personality and not write me off because i'm not their type. i might not be someone's type initially but if they're attracted to my personality and get to know me, they might just be interested. and people are so much more than their appearance anyway.


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