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    Wednesday, September 04, 2002     6:54 AM

i'd planned to write a lot about the weekend but don't much feel like it anymore. friday went to see the play which was not half as bad as i thought it would be. other than some unimpressive performances it went smoothly and while dry (because Brecht is dry) i liked it. afterwards wasn't too much fun either.

saturday the play was cancelled after the first scene because one of the little girls in the play fell and hit her head. luckily she's ok and all performances will go as planned this week. hung out at Bill Bateman's in Towson with Brian for awhile.

sunday went to see Tim Kaye at the Recher. it was phenomenal, Tim is such an impressive performer. he has quite a few shows coming up this month and i think everyone should check him out. after that went to the depot which was fun, i suppose, great music though except for jen and adam there wasn't really anyone i wanted to hang out with, talk to, etc.

had a couple job offers this week but nothing i'm thrilled about doing. pay seems good though so i don't know, i'm still trying to decide.

no ride to the cruxshadows so unless some kind soul reads this and writes me it doesn't look as if i'll be going. oh well.


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