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    Monday, September 09, 2002     1:15 PM

i just found this today, very interesting. i'm not a fan of the euro, i think currency is part of what make countries unique but i can understand wanting to be accesible to all the european tourists who are now mostly using the euro. i'd be really sad though if britain decided to get rid of the £.

had an ok weekend. went to nevermore friday, was very empty and they closed early. i think lots of people went to dollhouse which i'll have to check out someday. sorry i missed neska guest djing. saturday day sucked and that night i hung out with brian and people from galileo. i think it's a universal mandate that wherever you go to college you must diss it. sunday went to see tim at 1614, it was good but short. left my shirt there which pissed me off, hopefully they'll keep it and i can pick it up sometime this week.

ok, i just bored myself with that summary of my weekend. ugh.

renfest next sunday and it's supposed to be hot. at least i'll be going back later in the month when i hope it'll be cooler. think buying a 2 day pass makes more sense since it saves a few dollars. must mention that to peoples.


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