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    Monday, August 26, 2002     3:54 AM

made an actual archive page so it isn't taking up space on the sidebar. the page is starting to look more like i want it.

had a fairly good time tonight at the depot. was david's birthday and i think he had a good time. if i had drank as much as him i would've been flat on my face. hopefully his present will get here soon and i think he'll really like it.

music was good tonight but i wasn't so much in the mood to dance. felt really blah for a good while, especially when i found out i might not be going to cruxshadows. maybe someone will read this who plans to go and can give me a ride but i'm not counting on it. (it'd really really make my day though, really)

saw tim kaye tonight, he's doing a show next sunday at the Recher Theater in Towson. it's an early show, Tim is playing 8-8:40 so people should definitely try to come out. The Long Drive Home is playing first and they're pretty good as well.


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