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    Wednesday, August 28, 2002     5:20 PM

having an icky day and a fairly blah week. i really need a new job. i'm glad it's finally raining. my thoughts are completely scattered. i'd like to buy myself a good bottle of red wine and drink it tonight, but that probably won't happen. i'd also like to sleep some normal hours tonight and attempt to get back to a halfway normal waking/sleeping schedule. this will probably not happen either.

no joy yet on getting a ride to the cruxshadows, but i'm not giving up. i really want to see them and i'll get there somehow.

am in total agreement with kele-de and others about the lackluster goth scene in this area. i do not understand why Taboo is crowded almost every saturday (from what i hear and it always is when i go) yet so many people say they hate it and other actual goth nights likes Ascension suffer. it seems so odd that they lose out by being at Orpheus yet Taboo gets all these people. at least The Depot does well on Sundays. i love The Depot but i'd be a thousand times happier if it was just a bit less smoky at times. i hope more people start coming out to Nevermore and Ascension because they play great music and the people that run both nights are fab.

so that's my little goth rant of the day. back to being sleepy now.


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