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    Friday, July 19, 2002     1:44 PM

sometimes i wish i wasn't the type of person who offered full disclosure to those i trust. as i've said before there are very few people i do trust so when i do it means a lot. unfortunately i'm beginning to think that it means not so much to other people. what ever happened to sharing things just because you want to? it doesn't sit well that i might have made a mistake in the placement of my trust.

and i am closer to believing trying to maintain a business relationship and a non-business relationship simultaneously cannot work well enough. one suffers and unfortunately it always seems like the one that should matter more.

what's harder than pulling teeth?

feh. anyway. saw tim kaye at the depot last night, had a blast. tim's great solo and even better with the band. if only more songwriters could write such intelligent, biting lyrics. he appears solo this and every other Sunday night at 1614 Eastern Avenue (Wyatt's). people should come support the night that i'm dubbing "The Anarchist Activity Hour with Tim Kaye and Friends."


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