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    Friday, July 05, 2002     7:22 PM

posting an entry even though i can't publish. blargh.

had grand plans to go out tonight, have now decided to bag them all and do next to nothing.

was thinking today if i had the know how to make a movie i'd want to do an intelligent creative version of Mary Queen of Scots' life. or maybe when someone i know gets rich and famous i can exert my influence on him to make this. i loved Elizabeth for what it was but i would want this to be all that Elizabeth isn't.
i'd also ideally like to make a really intelligent creative film about the mind of a dreamer effecting reality. but that's another, rather long story.


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"It is time for me to walk the abyss. Time to reclaim my own. I must talk to the Morningstar. I do not have high hopes for the meeting."
-Dream, Sandman