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    Wednesday, July 17, 2002     6:27 PM

it's been almost 10 days since i last wrote, how sad. i've been ruminating on a couple things i wanted to write about, and though i'm not sure i've completely thought them out, i need to say something.

sunday i watched part of The Weakest Link, it was a special high school edition. i could only watch the first two rounds because it was startling and so sad what these kids did not know. it really makes me fear for the future of the world. and it wasn't even that they didn't just know the answer, many of them were such poor listeners they answered incorrectly simply because they weren't paying attention.

so i got to thinking, what motivated me to want to know things, to learn when i was so young? i think early on it was probably one part feeling so hindered physically that i wanted to go the other extreme mentally. and from kindegarten to 4th grade i was at a baptist school so i was inundated with Christian doctrine. even as a young kid i knew there was so much more to spirituality than what i was getting and that if i wanted to know i'd have to learn on my own. i also felt and still feel that you can only learn so much in a class and if you really want to expand your knowledge you're going to have to do that work on your own.

it isn't anybody else's responsibility to give you knowledge, that's a personal responsibility that i think many people just don't care to have. lots of people seems to be just fine with whatever someone's told them and don't want to make an effort to educate themselves. i think that's such a shame and it actually makes me sad that people care so little about wanting knowledge just for the sheer joy of it.

going to get off my soapbox now and save the topic of why i've strayed away from writing for later.


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